How it all started​

As it is often the case, it all started around a few drinks and two long-time friends, discussing their common passion: the world of horology.

The rest of the evening remains a little unclear but what stuck to us was the motivation to launch our own brand. It was as a result of a contribution to a watchmaking project on a crowdfunding platform that the idea sprang up in our minds.


We then asked ourselves: why not us, too?

We are fortunate enough to live in a time where launching entrepreneurial projects does not require as much financial investment as it did before, a time where we have a wide array of options and solutions to get to where we want to be.

The idea

We grew up in the country of watchmaking. Traditional values and know-how are embedded in us. Ambitious, very influenced by urban trends, we began to draw the sketches of a watch that would resemble us.

Being Swiss, there was no room for error on the quality. Passionate about the watchmaking domain, our first step was to surround ourselves with the most qualified people in the field. We had the chance to come across open professionals that believed in our project and today, these are people that we call friends.

A recognizable watch

The central element of our watch - the crown - identifiable at a glance, represents our brand and, most importantly, our philosophy.

It reflects the facets of our personalities.

Our watch is provocative but classy, sporty but dressed, affordable but of high quality and labeled "Swiss Made".


It is based on all these reflections and contradictions that PRiSM was born. PRiSM is the coexistence, the osmosis, the different facet of your personality. Different behavior depending on your mood, your environment and the people around you. PRiSM is you, me, us. Like the facets of a prism, your reflections are ever-evolving. Appearances can take different hues, different textures, different colors. We revisit watchmaking as a prism redefined light.


"Because you are a wild person, but sometimes you just need to fit in."

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